Are Addiction Treatments Effective?

Question by annalise is: Are addiction treatments effective?
What does this do? I have an acquaintance who is about to go through this, and I want to know what difference it will make. Does this really work?

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Answer by aisha t
The goal of addiction treatments, aside from getting the patient to go into abstinence, is to bring back his productivity, be it in the workplace, community, or family. Research has it that drug addiction treatment significantly decreases the usage of drugs and reduces criminal activity. It also paves the way to the reduction of the risk of HIV infection, as well as other diseases. Undergoing treatment also improves one’s chances of getting employment.

However, the success of these programs still relies greatly on the individual. Your acquaintance will have to actively engage in the treatment and have the determination to change in order to be able to recover more quickly.

Answer by Rave
Recovery from addiction has widely varing rates and duration of success, it often takes more than one time to quit , or time in rehab ect to really begin to work on it. A lot of it depends on how much the person is going to put into actually being sober or not dependant on thier addiction. Treatment often involves many steps – detoxing, therapy, coping skills , ect. But varies widely from place to place no one can say for sure what the difference will make unless it works and no one can say for sure if it will work. ~ what a tangled web we weave ~

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