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A society in need of rehab
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Photograph: Dominic Lipinski/PA When Betty Ford, who died last week, first publicly described her addiction to alcohol and prescription drugs in the 1980s, she provided comfort to many. By revealing that even the First Lady of the US could suffer from

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Addiction Rehab: Home of Betty Ford’s rehab center absorbs loss
Rancho Mirage was a billionaires’ playground dotted by gated golf resorts and spas before Betty Ford’s rehab center made it famous to the rest of the world by treating a stream of spiraling Hollywood stars who…
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Addiction Rehab: Legal Services of New Jersey hosts Family Reunification Day in New Brunswick
On Monday, June 27 at 3 p.m., Legal Services of New Jersey (LSNJ) hosted the state’s second annual Family Reunification Day at the Law Center in New Brunswick. Designed to celebrate the success and accomplishments of parents who worked to gain back custody of their children, the event, which drew roughly 100 people, is part of a national festive effort, which recognizes those families whose …
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