Addiction Recovery- What Other Methods Are There Other Than 12 Steps?

Question by sum142121: Addiction recovery- What other methods are there other than 12 steps?
Is there any other methods to overcome addiction than 12 steps?
I really don’t like the idea of 12 steps, sorry , and I really don’t want to follow it where I “need” to believe in a higher power , because, unfortunately , I am an atheist.
I want to find out other ways mm, to help myself from addiction.

Is There , or are there other ways than 12 step programs?

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Answer by Az R
In-patient programs? Addiction specialist counseling with a licensed psychologist? How about talking to an addiction medicine specialist doctor to get referral’s to resources?

There’s all kinds of variants on the twelve step program out there now, including non-religious ones. The religious aspects of twelve step are not necessary at all.

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There are many addiction recovery programs and centers available throughout the country. If you take a brief look around, you may find the best option for you.

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