Addiction Rehab: A Personal Review of Help for Vicodin Addiction at a Private Drug Treatment Center

Private drug treatment centers are commended for treating many prescription drug addiction cases successfully. One of them was of Larry Thomas, a professional from the advertising industry, who was ambitious about reaching high goals in his professional life. He would extend his working hours and at times, take work home also. But too much work began to take toll on his head and one evening, he began to experience moderate pain in the body which would at times become severe.  He didn’t want to go to the doctor for medication and was confident in his instinct about what would work for best for him. He Googled and found the name of a prescription medication Vicodin and took it.  He started feeling better in half an hour and continued about his work.

As days went by, he again got the body pain and he took the drug to feel better. By the next week, the pain surfaced again and the pill took care of it. Soon Larry began to get addicted to the medication and would pop it in at the slightest feeling of pain or discomfort. Larry was beginning to get addicted to Vicodin; so much that by the next month he needed to take it almost every day to feel better. He noticed that he wanted more of the medication to get relief from pain.  Though Larry’s intent of taking the mediation was right because it was a pain-killer, he did not bother to check it with the doctor and misuse it.  The doctor would have told him to stop taking the medicine after a certain point of time.

Larry began to experience more and more muscle and joint pain. He would break into night sweats and feel insomniac.  Instead of being the active and alert advertising professional, he was now a pale, painful, pathetic shadow of himself. Larry knew that something was going wrong in him but he could not stop himself from taking Vicodin because only that would make him feel better.  One day his friend noticed his condition and told him to take leave of his work on grounds of sickness and go to a private addiction treatment program.

Once, he was in the private rehab facility, the doctors and the expert team worked on his condition and made sure that he became fine in a matter of two months. After the detox process was done with, the doctors told him that he was on the verge of endangering his liver and it was good that he had come to the rehab at the right time. Several sessions of counseling took place and Larry came to understand how wrong it was of him to take medicines without consulting the doctor.  He decided that he would not indulge in such a practice again and would even advise others not to take prescription medication on their own accord. Now Larry is fine, fit as a fiddle, works out regularly, takes breaks from his work which charges his mind better. He does not have any body pain and he is much more productive at his work. He is thankful to the private drug rehab for making him see sense and making him healthy and happy once again.

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