Addiction Rehab: After Gastric Bypass, New Addictions

Addiction Rehab: After gastric bypass, new addictions
Andrew Kahn thought after he got his weight under control, his problems would be over. Instead, he, like many gastric-bypass-surgery patients, traded his food addiction for an alcohol habit.
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Addiction Rehab: Rachel Uchitel plans to sue attorney who brokered hush money return to Woods
Washington, July 19 (ANI): Rachel Uchitel, who came to the limelight for her fling with Tiger Woods, is reportedly planning to sue the attorney, who brokered a deal where she had to return most of her settlement money she received from the golf ace.
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Addiction Rehab: Charlie Sheen’s ex heading back to rehab
London, July 18 : Actor Charlie Sheen’s estranged wife, Broke Mueller, has decided to go to a rehabilitation centre in Mexico to get rid of her drug addiction.
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