Addiction Rehab: Are Americans Addicted to Addiction? –

Addiction Rehab: Are Americans addicted to addiction? –

Are Americans addicted to addiction?
Another season of Vh1's "Celebrity Rehab" premiered this week, reminding us all yet again that a little boozing, pill popping and pot smoking can quickly spiral out of control. OPIATE ADDICTION SPREAD IN THE LATE 19TH CENTURY THANKS IN PART TO PRODUCTS

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Addiction Rehab: Jellybean defendant could get prison term or rehab
A Fredericton man will learn next month if he’ll be serving time in federal prison or under house arrest in an addictions rehab centre as a result of his conviction on drug-trafficking charges.
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Addiction Rehab: State of golf in U.S. not up to par
BETHESDA, — We’re a nation of 26.1 million golfers, more than the population of Australia. Our national championship just concluded, and the top performers from the Home of the Brave were a man who uses a putter that looks as tall as a hammer and a guy who entered the week ranked 220th in the world.
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Addiction Rehab: John Galliano blames drugs, booze for anti-Jewish rant
Fashion designer John Galliano claimed as he stood trial for anti-Semitic insults that it was an alcoholic, drug-addicted “shell” of himself who lashed out at patrons in a hip Paris bar.
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