Addiction Rehab: Betty Ford to Get Calif. Memorial, Mich. Burial

Addiction Rehab: Betty Ford to get Calif. memorial, Mich. burial
Before she is laid to rest, Betty Ford will be memorialized in the Southern California desert region she and her rehab center made world famous by treating a stream of spiraling Hollywood stars.
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Addiction Rehab: Ben – A Teen Challenge Grad

Ben shares about how an addiction to cocaine cost him a good job, his family and ultimately led him to jail – and how he found freedom from addiction through a relationship with God and the Teen Challenge program.
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Addiction Rehab: Home of Betty Ford’s rehab center absorbs loss
RANCHO MIRAGE, Calif. (AP) — Rancho Mirage was just a dot in a desert valley east of Los Angeles until Betty Ford put it on the map with a rehab center that treated a stream of Hollywood high-rollers and spiraling stars that spanned generations, from Elizabeth Taylor to Lindsay Lohan.
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Addiction Rehab: Betty Ford helped pave road celeb rehab
Long before it became reality show fodder, Betty Ford helped create the original celebrity rehab.
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