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Alcoholism or the addiction to alcohol is considered to be much worse than any form of illness – purely because it is so very difficult to get out of this condition. Though if the addict has the will to quit the habit there is enough help he/ she can find in the form of de-addiction centres. These places typically have professionals who are trained to handle people in the clutches of drinks and/ or drugs both physically and emotionally. A Christian rehab facility is no different except that the cure that is imparted here has a third dimension – the spiritual dimension which is important for the sobriety to remain permanent. Faith in a higher power helps the sufferer to generate the inner strength that is crucial to prevent a relapse.

Usually an emotional trauma or a problem to which they are not able to find any solution is what prompts people to start drinking and once they begin it is tough to stop as every one knows. If you are one of those then you might want to place yourselves into a Christian rehab program which has the potential to fish you out of your misery in an effective and efficient manner. These rehabilitation centres tend to have faith-based therapies as one of their focus areas, thus providing a complete make over for their clients – from miserable alcoholics to energetic, positive and joyful teetotallers! You will find that though you enter the place like a caterpillar, once you stay cocooned there for a period, you metamorphose into a lovely butterfly and come out free from the shackles of harmful addictive habits.

It is important for you to choose the right place for recovering because most places cure you in the short term but the moment you step out you seem rudderless and are very much likely to slip back into addiction. An ideal therapy would give you the “tools” when you complete their treatment to control yourself and rein in your temptations for the rest of your life. After all remaining abstemious on a permanent basis would be your ultimate motive! The institution should have a good atmosphere which is calm and relaxing so that you can recover in peace and soothe frayed nerves. Caring staff, high quality medical services, sound counselling and catering to the triad of body- mind- spirit are some of the features you should look out for.

When you look at the Christian rehab centres, you will find that it fits the bill to the T as far as all the above criteria are concerned. There are good rooms, luxury, private lodgings, sports area, picnic area, kitchen, internet, gym etc to keep the inmates’ comfortable and entertained at all times. You will never have a moment to dwell on drinks or consumption of harmful chemicals- drugs. You will be subjected to treatments, counselling and a series of activities that will keep you active and occupied usefully. So even during the recovery process you will feel the positive vibes creeping back into your being.

Detoxification is a process that is given as a primary remedy during a de-addiction therapy session. Good medication is added as per your needs for the withdrawal symptoms, curbing the cravings and to remove the toxins that are accumulated in the body. Side by side you are educated how your brain, nervous system and other internal organs like heart, stomach and liver are getting damaged by your substance abuse. With this knowledge you will certainly hesitate to think about using the booze/ drugs ever again. You will of course be talking to a counsellor assigned to you on a routine basis. You will get to discuss thread- bare about the problems that led you to take up this habit in the first place and together you will work out alternative solutions to those problems or learn to face it without resorting to any dangerous “stuff”. It is the aim of Transformations to pass on enough skills to you so that you can begin to lead an independent and normal life as soon as you step into the outside world. Basic computer knowledge, handling finances, time management and maintaining fitness are some of the take- aways from here.

You will also find that all the above are happening under the shade of actions that are based on faith in a higher authority or immense power. Belief translates into conviction which in turn gives the confidence to stick to the right path – despite what may come. Activities like listening to sermons, attending prayer meets and so on not only serve to keep you busy during leisure but also repeatedly drive in the importance of remaining sober. They also build self respect and you get the courage to tackle problems squarely rather than hiding behind alcoholic drinks!

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