Addiction Rehab: Cocaine Swab Test: The Facts

Cocaine is a highly addictive drug; this is because of the quick high and rush experienced whilst using cocaine.  The high is short but creates an amazing euphoria; this may only last for up to half an hour.  This results in a huge comedown, which leaves the user wanting more.  Drug tests have are now quite common these days, here are the fact about cocaine swab tests.

Cocaine swab tests are common among most employers and government agencies, random swab tests can happen at any time.  Cocaine swab tests are one of the cheapest drug tests available but can be unreliable and can only trace drugs back between 24 and 72 hours.

Cocaine is a horrible drug which can ruin lives, it’s best to seek professional help to overcome your addiction, most people are addicted without realising, websites are a great starting point in order to overcome your problem.  Visit Cocaine Addiction Rehab for more information.

If the substance is water soluble, the traces tend you leave your system in about 72 hours, if you have been using cocaine excessively, traces can remain for up to 7 days.  Items like Marijuana can remain in your system for at least two weeks.

What makes swab tests popular among work places is the fact the test results are instant. The tests are very sensitive to trace amounts of cocaine.  So if the person has been using recently, the results will normally indicate so. The collected saliva is either mixed with chemicals or placed onto a colour testing strip in order to find the traces of cocaine.  The procedure can also be used to test hormone levels and other body chemicals.


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