Addiction Rehab: Do You Think Prison Time..?

Question by livelife: Do you think prison time..?
For marijuana is ridiculous? If a person has never been in trouble with the law and their a perfect are basically ruining their life by sending them to prison for possession. just because you smoke something completely natural doesn’t mean you should have to experience the horrors of jail..
I’m not saying it should become legalized (well I personally think it should, however i know it wont) but shouldn’t it become decriminalized?
How can someone be called a criminal for experimenting with their own mind?
citicop..if only i could talk with you in person.
im sorry but im not gonna let a stupid as s people (like you, citicop) tell me how to live my life. even if that means jail time im willing to risk it for what i believe in
ITS NOT ONLY ABOUT BEING ABLE TO SMOKE. thats what you cops and government dont get. its about having our rights and freedom to choose what we want with our lives
thats fair
sorry man, i see where your coming from

Best answer:

Answer by Citicop
Not at all.

If you know it’s against the law, and make a CHOICE to break the law knowing you could go to jail/prison for it, you will have very hard time indeed making me feel sorry for you.

Actions have consequences.


I have had that conversation about fifty times, with a dozen people with your same arguments. You aren’t going to change my mind, and I probably won’t change yours. I don’t have any hard feelings. It’s not personal, but if I catch you with it, you’re going to jail.

EDIT (2)-

Got news for you partner. Society is all about being told how to live your life. You admit you know you’re taking a risk, so don’t whine when your number comes up and you take a ride with me.

EDIT (3)-

Social Contract Theory, my friend. You trade off SOME of your freedoms in exchange for the benefits of living in a society. If you want it to be legal, convince 60% of voters that it should be. It would be legal inside of a year, and I wouldn’t complain about it.

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