Addiction Rehab: Do You Think Snooki Deserves a Good Man?

Question by ????????PinkGypsy????????: Do you think Snooki deserves a good man?
After watching the last few episodes (my guilty pleasure) she obviously doesn’t
First, she dances like a dumb alcoholic tramp, and wonders why her bf left her
Then to get “revenge” she hooks up with vinny
Not to mention she had her tongue down Denna throat for 6 hours
Situation accuses her of giving a guy a bj

She crys like a dying dolphin

So what do you think?

Bq: what do you think of snooki alcoholic addiction? She has a bright future on dr drew “celebrity rehab”
Bq2: why does situation wear aviator glasses in a dark night club? Creeper much?
Bq3:why do girls with naturally straight hair flat iron it?

Best answer:

Answer by Rachel Extra
All the jersey shore cast mates ate ugly and messed up and dumb.
She can do whatever she wants.
He’s ugly anyways.
Because it’s not straight enough?

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