Addiction Rehab: Everything Can Change

Addiction Rehab: Everything Can Change

Some of you might remember this one, I started it over a year ago and put it in a preview of all my unfinished vids and I finally decided to finish it! This vid is about all the problems AJ and Nick faced and how they overcame them, its also alittle bit of a friendship vid too. Tags: AJ Mclean Nick Carter Nizzle Jizzle AJack Backstreet Boys BSB Fanvid Montage Tribute Drugs Addiction Rehab Relapse Family Fight Feud Paris Hilton Health Heart Problems Fly Hilary Duff Sony Vegas

Addiction Rehab: ‘…so readily available and so easy to use.’
The first time Phil did heroin the experience wasn’t that great. “It was actually kind of bad, most people throw up and it’s kind of like overwhelming,” he recalls. “It was weird. It wasn’t really the best high to be honest.
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Addiction Rehab: LaGrotta taken to hospital from courtroom
Former state Rep. Frank LaGrotta was taken from a Lawrence County courtroom on a stretcher Monday afternoon after nearly fainting when a judge sentenced him to three to 12 months in jail for forging drug prescriptions.
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Addiction Rehab: ACCENT: Some residents oppose plans to house recovering addicts in Bloor Street house
A battle is brewing in the Donovan over a Copper Cliff doctor’s plan to open what he calls a 12-bed therapeutic residence for people recovering from addictions.[…]
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