Addiction Rehab: Exclusive Upscale Luxurious Alcohol Rehab Treatment Facility and Luxury Structured Sober Living

Addiction Rehab: Exclusive Upscale Luxurious alcohol rehab treatment facility and Luxury structured sober living

The Gonzalez Recovery Residences (The GRR) provide luxury addiction treatment facilities in Florida and Virginia. The luxury alcoholism treatment and luxury drug rehab programs provide for a gradual monitored step down from a sequestered in patient drug rehab clinic to an independent luxury structured sober living environment. The GRR long term luxurious alcohol rehab treatment facilities specialize in extended care for residents prone to chronic relapse. The majority of The GRR residents have acquired the knowledge and the essential recovery tools in previous inpatient treatment settings but need assistance applying these time tested principles. Recovery is a process. Our long term rehabilitation centers provide the venue and our tailored Programs by design make the transition to the real world at their own pace seamless. Phase I provides a full-time, supervised, structured active intensive after care schedule with a minimum of 21 activities. Phase I dove tails into Phase II. By the time the resident reaches Phase II he or she has reached a stage in recovery that permits him/her to return to work on a part-time, and ultimately full-time basis. Phase III is designed to help residents remain accountable and connected to the recovery community while implementing their balanced sober living aftercare contract. Our comfortable, enjoyable and affordable long term treatment provides residents with a sense of community and support as they progress alongside other residents
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