Addiction Rehab: How a Long-Term Stay at a Private Drug Treatment Center Is Beneficial

Do not be charmed by some of the sweet talking drug treatment centers which talk about curing people quickly in a matter of 15-20 days.  First of all, substance abuse cannot be fully cured; however they can be treated very well in such a manner that the chances of a person getting it may be next to nothing. But then just by saying that they ‘can cure’ you totally is misleading. The second thing is the claim of curing people in less than 25 days. Most private addiction rehab centers with an excellent track record will tell you that a residential or inpatient treatment should go for a minimum of 2 months or 60 days to be deemed as ‘effective treatment’.

 Private drug treatment centers are known for their top quality services and their ability to make sure that every patient is treated to the best of their ability. The amenities and infrastructure are top-notch as they cater to a plush clientele; the fees charged are higher than conventional rehabs. But since the treatment is very good and long-term, the chances of a person going into a relapse mode; i.e.; developing temptation for drugs again is very less.  Low rates of relapse definitely make private rehabs the choice of many. As far as the high costs are concerned, now there are good offers being introduced that has led to a flexible arrange of payments over a period of time, instead of paying the entire money at one go.

 It is always better to for private long term treatment if you are serious about getting rid of your addiction. Since private drug treatment centers guarantee anonymity, you definitely feel secure in asking your boss for a leave for 2 months or so, and going into rehabilitation.   Mostly when a person check into an inpatient treatment center, it is because his condition has deteriorated heavily due to addiction.   People who suffer from dual addiction, a combination of an illicit drug with prescription drugs; combination of prescription drugs, those who use both Methadone and Heroin, are people who should be admitted for a long-term therapy.

Private drug treatment centers are also known for their fantastic aftercare support. In order to ensure that the person not only gets treated properly but he transitions very well into a life of sobriety, the aftercare treatment with enough information on noticing ‘triggers of temptation’, 12 step programs  and other follow-up programs  ensure that the individual is able to conduct himself/herself very well in the society without falling prey to addiction.  So if there is a choice for you to take outpatient treatment or private inpatient treatment, and the doctor recommend you to go for the latter one; by all means, go for it. It is good for you if the treatment is for the long-term nature; it will ensure that you do not go into relapse mode. This will easily be one of the best investments in health and you will definitely be able to start life afresh and on a bright note.

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