Addiction Rehab: How to Treat Addiction at a Christian Treatment Center


If you can find one of those Christian rehab centers in your local area that provides help spiritually for addicts, then you should consider taking your loved one there. You can do your search on the Internet or you can ask your physician for a referral. Whichever method that you use to find a faith based treatment facility for loved one; it does not matter, as long as you get them in soon before they overdose on drugs or alcohol.

Sherry’s parents did their search on the Internet. They were tired of watching their daughter ruin her life to a frazzle. They were determined to get help for her that would sustain her and bring her into full recovery. They did an extensive search to find the treatment that would address their daughter’s particular needs. However, they wanted something that was close to home so that they could visit when they wanted to. They wanted to find Sherry a place where she could feel comfortable; would not be judged or blamed for her addiction. They did not want to use an interventionist so they asked Sherry if she would or would not go into treatment. She pondered over it and saw the look of despair on her parent’s face. They told Sherry that if she accepted the offer, they would not call on an intervention program. They explained to Sherry what that was and she said she preferred to go willingly and on her own recognizance.


She wanted to be part of the search process of the Christian addiction treatment. Sherry was very good with research and the Internet. During her research, she was careful not to do any drugs that day. She wanted to show her parents that she was trying hard to please them. They told her that she had to first please herself.

Sherry found one or two of the best Christian treatment centers in an area that was about four hours driving outside of her community. She printed and showed her parents what she had found. Her parents were elated that she was taking such an active role in the process. They all made preparations and plans to take the four hour drive to that location. Her parents wanted to do it as quickly as possible before Sherry changed her mind. It happened about a week later when they got her sober enough to remember the plan.

The Christian treatment centers that they visited that day were just as it had detailed on the Internet. The staff was personable and helpful. They were very nice to Sherry, which she found disconcerting as so many people seemed to always be judgmental of her. Sherry was impressed with the way that she was handled by one of the faith based rehab facilities that they went to. She made up her mind that she wanted to accept their help and as her parents got ready to leave, they saw a side of Sherry that they had not seen in a long time. They had gotten their daughter back and they were glad for that.

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