Addiction Rehab: I’m Trying to Change My Life…but I Need Help?

Question by Live_Love_Laugh_333: i’m trying to change my life…but i need help?
i live a normal life.A beautiful life. Except for the fact that im battling my own personal addiction. It doesen’t affect my health (other than stress), but it does affect me inside. I see myself die a bit everytime i look in the mirror after i break. Many times i try to do my own “personal rehab”, but i always crack. Many times it’s hard to resist, i try to encourage myself, but it never works longer than 4 days. I dont want to tell anyone for it could greatly impact my life in a negative way, and i dont want to join anything. Im constantly saying to myself “is this what you want for yourself, is this how you want to be”. Im constantly scared of the affects that have happened and that have the potential to happen
I would just like it please if someone could give me a little advice to help me resist and if anyone has had a similar experience. I really want to change before it has the chance to ruin my life.

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Answer by Sarcasm is an Art and a Talent
You sound to inwardly focused, try to do some volunteer work.

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