Addiction Rehab: Keys to Complete Drug Recovery

Nobody wants to experience relapses when they have just completed a . Unfortunately, more than 50% of recovering addicts experience these, if not total rehab failure, during the latter parts of their treatment. What makes Drug Recovery successful and how can you make sure that you will completely overcome your addiction? Browse through these guidelines first so you will not be wasting your money and your time.




The first step towards complete Drug Recovery is self-commitment. Studies have shown that patients who half-heartedly entered the rehab center took more time to complete their inpatient programs. While they did make this commitment in the end, they were not able to get the full benefits of their treatment until they made the decision to overcome their drug addictions themselves. If you really want to make your Drug Recovery a success, you will have to make the resolve to fight your addiction as well.


Excellent programs


Do not get anything less than the best if you want to completely overcome your addiction. This means choosing a program which treats both your physiological needs through detox, and you psychological ones through counseling. Recreational sessions which make you respect your body and your life also help because these will reinforce your drive to reject addiction triggers. More important though, you should look for programs which are not just standardized or canned.


Each addiction case is unique, and it should never be treated with identical programs. Generalized programs might look “good enough” initially, but the fact is that they overlook a lot of aspects related to the addiction. Opt for customized programs instead which are uniquely designed to fit only your needs and no one else’s. Thoroughness is the primary ingredient to a successful Drug Recovery.


Family and peer support


Of course, Drug Recovery is not just the work of a single person, or solely the program s/he has signed up for. Family and peer support play a big part in anyone’s addiction rehab. While the support of your family and your friends cannot be controlled by the program, you can choose ones which encourage them. Look for Drug Recovery facilities that involve the family though orientation sessions, and counseling treatments if necessary. During the outpatient phase of the program, you will also need peer counseling sessions. It is always advantageous to choose facilities which offer these outpatient support programs.


Environmental factors


Research has also shown that the receptiveness of Drug Recovery patients is dependent on the environment they’re exposed to. If you choose a facility which is depressing and drab, you might not get the results you are looking for. This is the reason why, while they are pricier, luxury rehabilitation centers generally enjoy a higher success rate. Comfortable lodgings, one-on-one medical assistance, business centers, and private, scenic locations do help in making Drug Recovery attempts more successful.


You should get the best kind of help you can if you want a relapse-free Drug Recovery treatment. If you are still wondering where you can get this level of care, do not hesitate to call us up. We can lead you to the country’s leading rehabilitation facilities.


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