Benzo Withdrawal Recovery?!?

Question by Amira: Benzo withdrawal recovery?!?
Hey all, so I’m tapering down on my Klonopin 2 mg a day. I decided to start lowering down my dose today. Can someone help me? I need to know how should I start lowering that Dose, how often and which vitamins will help my poor body and brain now tapering and then after it. My Pharmacist said I should exercise because of the benefits. I’m a 25 yr old girl. I might be weighting around 104pounD’s and my height is 5″6. So not a healthy weight and I blame it on the benzo since is making my life miserable after being on it for five years. which types of excercise are good (don’t wanna lose more weight!!!! help … I wanna be a mom for my two daughters and this pill is controlling my life. I can’t explain myself the way I want, I forget things fast, can’t even work. I’m slow lol with this drug I was prescribed for supposed GAD and Panic attacks I had before. I will appreciate it. Thanks.

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Answer by Chris
You need to see a doctor very soon. Benzo withdrawal can be very dangerous, it’s a serious drug that you should not mess around with. If you have the money go into the emergency room, some cities have rehab clinics that will treat you until you get the drugs out of your system for free. Call your local county or city hospital. Good luck.

Answer by Bork
Benzo withdrawals can be severe. Because of that, you want to taper your dosage very very slowly. A good multi-vitamin is good, and B and D and C supplements are also good. Exercise is good but don’t do it later in the day and don’t over do it or you will have trouble sleeping.

After five years on benzos, you might have a bit of a rough road ahead of you. Taper very very slowly and you will avoid most of the withdrawals. Very very slowly means you might want to take six months to slowly taper off, and even that might be too fast.

As you reduce your dosage you will experience withdrawals – insomnia, anxiety, etc. Balance how well you can tolerate the withdrawals with how fast you taper. Too fast and the withdrawals get pretty bad.

Read the Ashton manual found at It goes into detail about benzo addiction, withdrawals, and recovery. Dr. Ashton ran a benzo withdrawal/detox clinic for over ten years, and has extensive experience with benzo recovery. You will find information on what benzos do to your brain, how to taper, how to quit and recover, and you will even find a tapering schedule.

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