Can I Find Addiction Treatment Facilities in Tampa, Florida?

Question by fred astaire: Can I find addiction treatment facilities in Tampa, Florida?
My best friend Joey is asking me to find an addiction treatment facility that will help him with his heroin addiction. I told him that I didn’t know any but I will help him find one. I don’t know much about Florida because I’m from Kentucky. He says that the reason why he chose Tampa is because his Grandpa Redford lives there. Joey is close to his grandpa and he thinks he’ll recover faster if he knows that his grandpa is geographically near. Please help us out. Thanks.

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Answer by James
There are a lot of addiction treatment facilities in Florida and I happen to know some sites which can help you. Check out the links I’ve left below to find some lists of facilities that Joey might like. Good luck to your friend!

Answer by Chrissy
Try The Harbor its in New Port Richey Florida… Only about 30 minutes from tampa but its great my mom has been alcohol free for 4 years!

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