“Celebrity Rehab” Gets Uchitel in Legal Battle With Tiger Woods – Associated Content

Addiction Rehab: “Celebrity Rehab” Gets Uchitel in Legal Battle with Tiger Woods – Associated Content
Lawyers for Tiger Woods are poised to sue Rachel Uchitel because, they say, she violated a $ 10 million confidentiality agreement by seeking treatment for her “addiction to love,” on the fourth season of Celebrity Rehab. Uchitel and her lawyer, Gloria …
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Addiction Rehab: Brooke Mueller Headed to “Extreme” Rehab in Mexico? – iVillage Entertainment
but she has hopes that it will “rewire” her brain. Mueller is reportedly addicted to methamphetamines, a particularly tough addiction to break, and she has been through various rehabilitation programs over the years — to no avail. Her latest plan to go to …
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Addiction Rehab: Dr. Drew Pinsky Is ‘Very Concerned’ About Charlie Sheen’s Ex, Brooke Mueller – Radar
Mueller recently finished a 45-day outpatient rehab stint, but relapsed within days. “Brooke is absolutely desperate. She feels completely powerless to her addiction. Brooke feels that going to get treatment is Mexico is her only option. Brooke wants to be …
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Addiction Rehab: Prescription Audio’s Vibra-Acoustic Addiction Therapy

Prescription Audio’s Vibra-Acoustic Addiction therapy, called ReMind, combines the stress and anxiety programs with a guided neuro-lingustic addiction specific program delivered through Prescription Audio’s vibrational delivery method called the Satori chair. The therapy consists of four 25-minute guided addiction rehab audio and vibration therapy sessions. In one study, after a single session, subjects saw a 65% improvement in addiction symptom severity. For more information please see our website
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