Help, How Do I Stop Myself From This “addiction”?

Question by Tr: Help, how do I stop myself from this “addiction”?
For the last few weeks, i’ve been really interested in this particular web forum. I keep checking for new posts, refreshing the page. It emotionally affects me. I’m happy when i get a reply and unhappy when i don’t.

At any rate, I get the slight sense I’m wearing out my welcome there, so in order to prevent further disappointment i wanna stop going there altogether. But work sucks so i go there for distraction….then i feel bad when i get no responses.

I know i can “just stop” but it is hard…Words of wisdom, inspiration, help me stop?
I don’t go there DURING work, when i get home is when i log onto the site.

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Answer by lhfh248
block the site and just stop logging on.

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