Hey Christians? Why Are You a Follower of Christ?

Question by Greyson Wolfe: Hey Christians? Why are you a follower of Christ?
Why do you believe Jesus was real? When all of the historians who were alive during his lifetime never wrote a thing about him, his miracles, or his disciples. Is it because a book called the bible talks of him? Which was written by mankind 50 years after Christ’s death. Why would you believe that, When mankind is capable of lying? Is it because this book was publicized by European rulers, for the moral rules and value that this book contained, making the religion this book talks of very popular. Why don’t you ever question the existence of Jesus. Is it because it’s considered a sin to question gods word. Why would you not question gods word, when the only thing pointing to his existence is a book, written by a guy. A human just like you. Who did not even witness Christ with his own eyes. So why do you believe in Christ?

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Answer by grand duchess anastasia nikolaevna of russia
umm… not to be rude but it is none of you business

Answer by Schlitz malt liquor
They were born into it and don’t know why their parents were Christians, but their ancestors were raped, tortured, and beaten into submission by the wicked Crusaders for hundreds of years. That’s why.

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