How to Stop Addiction: How to Help a Friend With a Broken Heart – Wichita Eagle

How to Stop Addiction: How to help a friend with a broken heart – Wichita Eagle
“Romantic love is an addiction,” says biological anthropologist Helen Fisher, a leading expert in the science of human attraction who uses magnetic resonance imaging to study the brain in love. “When you are rejected in love, you don’t stop loving the …
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How to Stop Addiction: Drug addicts in London get heroin prescribed by NHS – BBC
There has been a long-running public debate about whether addicts should be widely offered the drug. Supporters say prescribing diamorphine – pure heroin – stops them committing crime to feed their habit. They argue a regular supply of pure heroin means …
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How To Stop Addiction: Embezzlers tip off Vermont officials: Trust but verify
MONTPELIER — More than 150 Vermont municipal officials got a lesson in Town Hall thievery Tuesday — straight from the source.
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How To Stop Addiction: Drug addict’s ‘cry for help’ at burglary
A DRUG addict waited for police in a shop he had broken into as a “cry for help” to defeat his heroin problem, a court heard.
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How To Stop Addiction: Connecticut governor proposing nearly 5,500 layoffs
Gov. Dannel P. Malloy on Tuesday proposed nearly 5,500 state employee layoffs to balance Connecticut’s two-year, $ 40.1 billion budget now that workers have defeated a labor-savings and concessions deal.
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