Mom Is Manipulative and Trying to Get Me Committed to a Mental Institution?

Question by 28525691: Mom is manipulative and trying to get me committed to a mental institution?
I am pretty upset. I am 16 right now and going to be 18 in november 2010. My mom has been treating me very harshly ever since Jan. this year when she saw me playing in a poker tournament for play chips after snooping on my computer. She doesnt trust me ever since then and is constantly going through my stuff.

That only led her to believe other things that werent true, for instance a note that my friend would lend me a grand (he never did) she read it, took it and now says I am involved with loan sharks to fuel my “gambling addiction”. I am a pretty good student in school, B’s/B+ mainly. I used to sell on ebay and was a powerseller, I made a lot of money before she got involved and ended up being scammed around $ 8,000 due to paypal.

She closed all my bank accounts a year and a half after (I am paying her back, slowly cause I have no income now) and now I opened up new ones and am starting to sell once again cause I want to pay her back and save up money for next year when I move out. Last night I was in my grandmas house, in the garage, (I keep all my ebay items there) working on listing items on my laptop when she comes in and tries to open the screen. I grappled it and told her to go away. She snooped around, saw a prepaid visa gift card and accused me of using it to gamble which wasnt the case.

Then she left, and I just woke up a few minutes ago cause I hears a noise in my room and I see her at my desk looking through my stuff cause she though I was asleep. I jumped up and she tried to grab my laptop and I took it out of her hands (I fully built it after she broke my last one) and then she unplugs it cause she knows I dont have the battery in to make it crash. Then she yelled that I am trying to hide something from her and that she will have me committed to a mental institution because I am schritzo. Clearly I am not; I just dont like her snooping on my computer, especially because she wants to get at my new ebay acct. and close it.

So she tells me shes having me committed to a mental institution cause I am crazy. She also lies to my father about me, saying I did things I didn’t do, and now she is telling everyone who knows me that I am a liar and compulsive gambler! (Cause I played on the facebook poker application!!!!) So what can I do? Can she really lie and tell them to committ me? DO I HAVE ANY RIGHTS??? I think once I move out next year I will end my relationship with her due to my health- whenever I am around her my heart condition gets worse and I cant breathe, and she yells all the time.

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Answer by Blue …
have a talk , sit down , ask her to let you explain and to give you 30 minutes in which she just has to listen.

no u dont have any rights

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