When Does Drug Addiction Occur?

Question by Legitimo E: When does Drug addiction occur?
Drug addiction occurs when
An individual will lie about taking a drug
A drug no longer causes a person to get high, but they take it again
Biological or psychological dependence on taking the drug develops
A person can be without the drug no longer than five days

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Answer by joe_fleeman
Psychological dependence is just as destructive as physical dependence.
When it becomes your master is when the addiction begins.When you do what you have to to have it.

Answer by Tyler
Let’s put it in simple terms, then go onto the more complex answer.

Simple: Drug addiction occurs when an individual NEEDS the drug to live essentially, much like food and water, but the user will feel more compelled to use the drug, rather than eat and drink water.

Complex: Addiction occurs when an individual uses drugs despite negative consequences in their life. An addict will usually alienate themselves from friends and family, deny problems, neglect themselves and others around them, all to get that fix. Once the fix is met, the person will be sent into a realm of peace and apathy, the world is off their shoulders, and everything is okay. Then, 4-6 hours later, the person turns back into the vicious cycle until they can get their fix. This is essentially a never ending cycle until the person ends up in jail, an institution, or dead. Addicts should not be viewed as scum of the earth, instead they should be viewed as a person that is in need of help, once they become aware of their problems in life.

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