Addiction Rehab: Betty Ford’s Rehab Center Touched Lives – Nashville Tennessean

Addiction Rehab: Betty Ford’s rehab center touched lives – Nashville Tennessean
She revealed a longtime addiction to painkillers and alcohol 15 months after leaving the White House, and regularly welcomed new groups of patients to rehab with a speech that started, “Hello, my name’s Betty Ford, and I’m an alcoholic and drug addict.”
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Addiction Rehab: Problems with choosing the right Florida drug rehab program – Transworld News
As a result of these growing numbers in past decades, there are now more addiction treatment and recovery centers in the US than ever before. The same holds true where Florida rehab program facilities are concerned. You can literally find hundreds of these …
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Addiction Rehab: Artists Who Needed Rehab: In Memoriam Betty Ford –
lost a benefactor in the former First Lady and founder of the Betty Ford Center for addiction recovery. Ford wasn’t an arts maven in the traditional sense, perhaps, but think of the great actors, musicians and artists whose lives have been saved by rehab.
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Addiction Rehab: What is your addiction? The Question of the Week –
I sometimes watch the Dr. Drew show about celebrities in rehab. They had one musician on there…who compared himself to the other patients…that some of the other people in the program “just” had an alcohol or pot addiction…meanwhile he had the …
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Addiction Rehab: Betty Ford to get Calif. memorial, Mich. burial
RANCHO MIRAGE, Calif. (AP) — Before she is laid to rest, Betty Ford will be memorialized in the Southern California desert region she and her rehab center made world famous by treating a stream of spiraling Hollywood stars.
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Addiction Rehab: ‘Fighting First Lady’ Betty Ford Dies At 93
Betty Ford, the widow of former US president Gerald Ford and co-founder of one of the world’s best known rehab clinics, has died aged 93.
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