Addiction Rehab: How Do You Know if You Have Body Dysmorphic Disorder?

Question by .: How do you know if you have body dysmorphic disorder?
I’m 16 and think that I might have body dysmorphic disorder. My nose is not big or anything but there is just something about it that throws off the rest of my face. There is this slight bump in my nose, the bridge of my nose is not completely straight and perfect. I feel like my nose messes up the rest of my face and stops me from being attractive.

I am 5’3 & 103 pounds with a 24-34 body but I don’t feel like my body looks that way. I know that I am slim but I don’t think that I look tiny at all. I don’t feel that skinny. I feel way bigger than that and alot wider, but not fat.

I have made a Facebook in April and still haven’t put up a picture of myself on my profile. On my old Myspace page, whenever I DID end up putting a picture of myself up, it would be a picture with my face kind of turned to the side and I would put all of my pictures on private so people wouldn’t look at me.

And to make matters worse, I used to hang out with this guy that said that my B-cup breasts are too small and now everyday I look in the mirror like 10 times analyzing my breasts to see if they have gotten any bigger because now I want a c-cup.

How do you know if you have body dysmorphic disorder?
It’s sad when adults have such low self esteem that they feel the need to attack a minor over the internet to feel better about themselves.

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Answer by dusty_titus
Oh you got it alright! I’m sure you are anorexic also, but keep that a secret. Being so self absorbed is a great start in life. You’ll delay reproduction till you’ve corrected all your defects and have confidence that you can attract a wealthy man to keep up your high maintenance lifestyle (liposuction, plastic surgery) Then your children, should you have them, will be aware of their physical defects as you’ll be there to point them out.

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