Addiction Rehab: I’m 31 Weeks Pregnant by My Ex-Fiance and We Broke Up Because I Caught Him in Many Lies?

Question by : I’m 31 weeks pregnant by my ex-fiance and we broke up because I caught him in many lies?
and walked in on him using drugs in our home while I was at work. I’m still not sure where his head was, but I know that it wasn’t focused on me or our son! I know I shouldn’t be but I’m still in love with him and I have to constantly remind myself that I should be angry with him. i changed my number and deleted him from Facebook and everything. He has been emailing me telling me that he misses me and wants to meet up and talk and that he’s getting help for everything. I don’t really believe him, but I know that even with his past and what I saw that he is a good guy with a good heart and I know the way he made me feel. I miss him so bad and I would love to see him and feel his hug and kiss again. But I’m not sure I should. Any suggestions?

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Answer by coastiesoldier
It’s the father of your child. Try to work it out. Tell him he has to go to rehab if he wants you back and that when he’s done with rehab you and your son will be waiting for him. If he says “i’m not addicted and I don’t need rehab”. Tell him “then it’s not because of addiction. It’s to prove that you are going to get clean and stay clean for me and your son. It’s up to you” Then you will know whether or not he is serious.

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