Pregnant and Wrongfully Accused of Drug Seeking?

Question by Amber and jeff: pregnant and wrongfully accused of drug seeking?
Hi! I am very stressed and need is my store:
I am 34 weeks pregnant with my 3rd child. I also have a 13 month old. Before becoming pregnant with my second child (2months to be exact) I had a laporascopy done for severe endometriosis. During that entire pregnancy I suffered from horrible lower right sided abdominal pain that no one could seem to diagnose. Well after having our daughter we were not planning on having anymore children. Needless to say when she was 4 months old we found out we were expecting again. I then began to see a new doc and suffered the same horrible pain. At 4 months pregnant I had a diagnostic laporoscopy after spending a month in the hospital. This also came up inconclusive. I was then referred to a pain management doc. It took him 10 minutes to diagnose me with abdominal nerve damage due to the first surgery. I then received anesthetic shots in the wall of my stomach off and on to manage the pain along with medication. At 6 months pregent, my husband and I had to move to Nebraska for his career. I encountered so much trouble getting approved for medicaid here and often had to be seen in the emergency room for the pain since we could not afford to be seen in the physicians office. The doctors new my situation and were great at first. One doc saw me more than the others and increased my pain medication stating no pain management doc in nebraska would take me being preggo. I could tell i was becoming physically dependent o the medication and attempted to discuss this with him many times. Finally i said no more meds and called my doc to ask how to safely stop taking them. he told me just to stop and drink plenty of fluids and all would e fine. I did this and got very sick..and he was of no use! We found a place where i could safely detox from all of the medication. i spent 4 embarrassing days there. After about 2 weeks the pain became unbearable so i went to the doc I had been seeing. He was not in so I was seen by another physician. SHe came in and the first thing she said was ” I see you went to rehab for addiction.” I explained the situation and she sent me home screaming and crying refusing to treat me. My husband then took me to another nearby hospital and we explained what had happened. By this point I was also having sever pain in my back as well They did no tests. The doc came in and said “I have spoken with the other physician and we cannot treat you and you will not be receiving anymore narcotics for the remainder of your pregnancy!” I was crying so bad by this point and my husband was angry. We then went to a 3rd hospital where I used my maiden name. Well it turns out I was having contractions that were 3 minutes apart. They had to stop labor! This event has seriously affected me. We are now covered by insurance and trying to find a doc short notice close to us (not from one of th first 2 hospitals). I am soooo terrified of being treated like someone kind of addict. I am seriously have anxiety over this. I am afraid the birth of my baby will be overshadowed by what is now in my medical file when I legitimately did nothing wrong! I have had no medication in months. I have been in horrible pain and suffered through it. I have on appointment on THursday with a doc where I am going to explain all of this to, but I am afraid. Am I doomed to be treated badly?

I would like to apologyze. After reviewin my previous post, I realized how many typing errors I made.
I also wanted to note, that while being seen at both hospitals we had made it clear that I was not trying to get narcotics! I cannot go to the third hospial, because I did not use my correct information, which I am immensly ashamed of. My insurance has all of my correct information on it. I just wanted to clarify.

“If ignorance is bliss, why aren’t there more happy people in the world?”

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Answer by susan
You need to go back to a pain specialist.

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